Srha Asghar shares the cutest pictures with her husband.

Srha Asghar is a young Pakistani actress who has acted in several well-known plays as a supporting role. Srha Asghar played Washma, the younger sister of star actor Bilal Abbas, in Pyar Ke Sadqay. She is a talented and dedicated actor. Srha revealed her path of transformation with her admirers, which is admirable. In 2021, she starred in “Amanat,” a drama starring Imran Abbas and Urwa Hocane.

Lala Omer Murtaza, Srha Asghar’s husband, is a prosperous business owner. On December 2020, Srha Asghar and Omer Murtaza were married. Let’s have a look at some of the latest pictures of Srha with her husband. 

Srha Asghar is 27 years old and was born on October 9, 1993. Srha was born and raised in Lahore, where she received her education. Srha is from a non-actor household. Her family lives in the city of Lahore. They have always been supportive of her acting profession. 

Srha Asghar debuted in the entertainment sector in 2015. “Khot” was her first drama series. Following Khoat, she appeared in a string of drama series. She is a fantastic actress. Srha Asghar has put in a lot of effort and has a large fan base. She is frequently seen in supporting roles in a variety of dramas. Srha Asghar played Washma in the show Pyar ke Sadqay, and she did an excellent job with the role. Srha is a fantastic young lady, and her followers are eager to see her more.

The following is a list of all Srha Asghar dramas: Wajood-e-Zan, Babaan Khala ki Betiyan, Meer Abroo, Pyar Ke Sadqay, Aakhir Kab Tak. Amanat, Khoat, Kambakht Tanoo, Waada, Ishq Ya Rabba, Zindaan, Be Aitabar, Aik Mohbaat Kafi Hai.

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