Family photos of Reham Khan.

Reham Nayyar Khan is a journalist, author, and filmmaker of British-Pakistani descent. She was Imran Khan’s first wife, and she later became Pakistan’s Prime Minister in 2018. The publishing of her memoir just before Pakistan’s general election in 2018 sparked accusations it was done to hurt Imran Khan’s political chances.

Reham was born in Ajdabiya, Libya, in 1973 after her parents migrated there in the late 1960s. She has a brother and a sister. Nayyar Ramzan, a Pakistani physician, gave birth to Reham. Reham is of Pashtun descent and belongs to the Lughmani clan, a Swati sub-clan. She can communicate in four languages: English, Urdu, Pashto, and her native Hindko. Her family is from Baffa, a town in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Reham holds a bachelor’s degree in education from Peshawar’s Jinnah College for Women. When she was 19, Reham married Ejaz Rehman, her first cousin, and a British doctor. After their divorce, Khan began working as a television journalist. Since the divorce, she has lived with her three children. Imran Khan declared his marriage to Reham on 6 January 2015, which ended in divorce on 30 October 2015.

These days Reham Khan was also ecstatic with the news of the upcoming Bollywood wedding, even won a bet with her children. Reham Khan took to Twitter to express her joy over the news of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Koshal’s imminent wedding and to share an amusing story with her followers.

Katrina Kaif was married to Vicky Koshal in the first week of December, according to Indian media reports. It was formerly owned by the Rajasthan royal family. Two temples and a palace are part of the resort. According to Indian media, Sabyasachi, the first choice of practically all Bollywood stars, designed a wedding gown for Katrina’s spectacular wedding.

In response to the news, Reham Khan assured her followers that she had won the bet with his daughters about Katrina’s marriage. Reham commented in response to the announcement of Pink Villa: “I am extremely thrilled with this news. I like these two dear people very much.”

Reham claimed she had long wished for Katrina and Vicky to unite and that she had won the bet with her daughters.

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