Photos of actress Zoya Nasir celebrating Diwali with her Hindu friends. 

On the occasion of International Love Day this year, Zoya Nasir got engaged to her old friend and German YouTuber Christine Bateman, aka Chris Bateman. In a social media and YouTube video posted on February 19, the two revealed their engagement. Zoya Nasir published a video with her fiance on YouTube three days before announcing her engagement, but on the afternoon of May 22, she confirmed the engagement in a social media post. Although Zoya Nasir confirmed her engagement to a German YouTuber, the YouTuber wrote of their engagement a few days later. Following their engagement, the two announced they would marry when the time was right, and they began sharing videos and images of themselves on social media.

Zoya Nasir’s German friend acknowledged his conversion to Islam a few days before the engagement, prompting speculation that he had done so out of love for Zoya. However, in barely two and a half months, actress, model, and YouTuber Zoya Nasir called off her engagement to a longtime friend and German YouTuber, Chris Bateman, who converted to Islam.

Zoya Nasir stated that her fiancée, Christine Bateman, also known as Chris Bateman, abruptly changed his attitude toward her and her religion, prompting her to make a tough decision. Zoya Nasir revealed to her fans that she and Chris Bateman are no longer together and will not marry.

According to the actress, Zoya Nasir, her fiance’s attitude toward her faith, beliefs, nation, and culture abruptly altered, prompting her to break up with him. According to the actress and model, there are certain reasons, such as societal and religious borders, that should never be violated. And they should treat one another with dignity, tolerance, and sincerity.

In her post, the actress begged God for bravery and strength to help her deal with challenging situations. Following the actress’s statement, many celebrities wished her well in the future, prayed for her, and expressed hope that her terrible times would pass. Some fans voiced their disappointment at Zoya Nasir’s decision to end their engagement, while others were critical. Most people praised Zoya Nasir’s bravery and promised to find a better person for her.


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