Lovely pictures of cricketer Shoaib Malik with his mother.

Shoaib Malik’s mother is one of Pakistan’s most beautiful women because she constantly stands with her son, Shoaib Malik, and cheers him on when he plays for the green jersey. Shoaib’s mother has been a pillar for his son and always prays for him whenever he plays for his country. 

We have collected a few pictures of Shoaib Malik with his beloved mother, so you all can take a sneak peek. 

In the T20 matches, Shoaib Malik, like Rizwan, was ill and did not play in the T20 match, according to sources, but Shoaib’s mother is adamant about Malik’s presence in the squad. Shoaib’s mother was confident of his son that he can play well despite being unwell. 

Two key members of Pakistan’s team, Mohammad Rizwan and Shoaib Malik caught the flu just before the T20 World Cup semi-finals. They both have a low-grade fever. So in place of Shoaib and Rizwan, Sarfraz Ahmed appeared to be training in such a setting.

Both Shoaib and Rizwan were absent from late night’s practice session at the International Cricket Council Academy in Dubai. Both players had corona tests that were negative, according to the Pakistan Cricket Board, but they were both still sick. As Shoaib chooses to engage in his training activities, he copes with his confidence. Sania Mirza was with Shoaib throughout the tournament, so she could do her best to boost her husband’s confidence. 

Before the contest, doctors examined both Rizwan and Shoaib. Pakistani players took a two-day break after their encounter against Scotland in Sharjah. However, both Rizwan and Shoaib performed in T20 matches later and gave their 100% performance, for which fans and followers from all over the country appraised these two stars.


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