Beautiful family photos of Shehzad Roy.

Shehzad Roy is a composer, guitarist, environmentalist, social worker, and philanthropist from Pakistan. Roy was born on February 17, 1977, in New York City. He began his music career in 1995 and has already recorded six albums. Roy has a slew of hit songs under his belt, including “Saali,” “Teri Soorat,” and “Kangna,” but his 2008 sociopolitical album Qismat Apne Haath Mein is his most well known. Roy is also the president and founder of the Zindagi Trust, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving education available to ordinary Pakistanis. 

Shehzad Roy married her lovely bride, Salma Alam, 12 years ago in 2009. Both husband and wife are content with their lives, and they have two lovely children.

Roy has created and presented two documentary series: Chal Parha, which examines the situation of government education in Pakistan; and Wasu Aur Mein, which accompanies Shehzad and a villager on their journey through Pakistan and explores subjects such as development, unemployment, and nationalism.

The Government of Pakistan awarded Shehzad Roy the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz in 2005, the Sitara-i-Eisaar in 2006, and the Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 2018. In 2006, Roy was given the Sitara-e-Esar for his organization’s rehabilitation efforts following the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. He was also chosen to carry the Olympic torch during the 2008 Games.

Shehzad Roy, a well-known vocalist and social advocate in Pakistan’s music industry, has received an unusual wedding proposal from a person on the internet. Shehzad Roy posted a photo of sweets and green tea on Twitter along with the caption: “Green tea should always be chosen over sweets since the small happiness that may have been discovered in life is not found.”

“Marry me since I will prepare you green tea with my blood day after day,” a female user named Sana Khan responded to Shehzad Roy’s tweet. Even though he was laughing a lot, Shehzad Rai couldn’t keep his mouth closed.

“Please! If you say things like that, people will start labeling me a vampire.” The female user responded to the singer by saying, “Now that you have replied to me, marry me.” While other users reacted to the singer’s post with insightful observations, a female user offered him a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal.

Shehzad Roy, a well-known musician, and social advocate has unveiled a new initiative to recruit women with advanced degrees. A four-year B.Ed education would be given free to students taking the entrance exams under the program. 



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