Atif Aslam was spotted at a wedding event with his wife, Sarah Bharwana.          

Atif Aslam was recently seen with his wife Sarah Bharwana at the wedding of a close friend. We are sharing some cute photos of Atif and Sarah with you today.

“I married my wife, Sarah, because she doesn’t like my music,” admits lead vocalist Atif Aslam. His wife Sarah doesn’t appreciate his music, and that’s why he married Sarah. “I am really busy, but my wife never complains to me about it since she got married after seeing me, not after seeing my songs or my reputation,” Atif Aslam stated in an interview.

Atif said, “I appreciate my wife’s habit of treating me like a normal person.”

“I often worry about how to appreciate Allah, who has given me so many benefits,” the singer said, “when there are much more qualified musicians in the profession than me.”

“Early in my career, I didn’t actually realize who to meet or how to meet,” he added, “I didn’t realize how significant outfits were or how essential style was. I behaved like a frat boy. It was a very tough period for me.”

Atif claimed that when he first began playing the guitar, he knew nothing about it and that it was performed using a unique tune. He was trying hard to come up with a catchy tune.

“I sang as a professional not because I intended to be the number one, rather because singing is my essence, and I trust music brings me closer to God,” he explained. “When I was 14, I first heard a naat called Qasida Burda Sharif. When I first heard it, it piqued my interest, “Atif explained.

“We did not know how crucial this thing was,” Atif explained. “It includes our beloved Prophet Muhammad’s name. After hearing this, I began searching for the meaning of the world. Who or what is Allah? What is the purpose of the spiritual realm? After that, I began to listen to music.”

Atif stated, “I am confident that whatever Allah has written in my fate will happen to me.”

“I never expected to have that many followers in India,” he remarked, “but now that I do, it’s a great feeling.”

Atif Aslam remarked in response to a query: “I am not regretful that they have banned me in India. I plan to keep working in Pakistan since all of my popularity stems from the country.”

Atif Aslam performed the hymn “Wahi Khuda Hai” on the first episode of Coke Studio, following which he wrote on Instagram, “Praise be to Allah and blessings be upon his beloved.”


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