Throwback photos from the wedding of gorgeous actress Sohai Ali Abro.

Sohai Ali Abro, who has starred in films such as “Motorcycle Girl,” “Wrong Number,” and “Jawani Phir Nahi Ani,” got hitched to cricketer Shehzar Mohammad in a private ceremony. We know Sohai Ali Abro for her daring on-screen appearances and songs. In 2013, Sohai launched her first picture, “Anjuman,” which was a reproduction of a famous movie from the era.

Sohai Ali Abro began her career as a model before moving on to dramatic acting. Her first drama, “Man Jalli,” was aired in 2012. Sohai Ali Abro has appeared in more than twenty dramas and half a dozen films, for which she has won accolades.

Sohai Ali Abro’s previous drama, “Prem Gali,” was aired last year, and the actress was busy filming TV and film projects at the moment, but she unexpectedly hitched and stunned everybody. Actor Humayun Saeed tweeted a snapshot of Sohai and Shehzar’s wedding ceremony, in which we can see the starlet wearing a bridal gown alongside the groom. Sohai Ali Abro’s spouse is a first-class cricketer and the son of batsman Shoaib Mohammad, as well as the grandchild of Maya Naz cricketer Hanif Mohammad.

Humayun Saeed wished them luck, congratulated Sohai Ali Abro and Shehzar Mohammad on their new beginnings. Following Humayun Saeed’s post on Sohai Ali Abro’s wedding, her wedding was also captured on other social media pages. Surprisingly, neither the star nor her husband, Shehzar Mohammad, announced the wedding until the morning of March 22.

Between the evenings of March 21 and 22, Humayun Saeed posted about their wedding, but it is unclear when they were married. Wedding images of Sohai and Shehzar went viral on the internet.

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