Old wedding photographs of news anchor Sana Bucha.

Sana Bucha is a Pakistani news presenter who works on talk shows during peak times. Sana Bucha received her schooling at the Karachi School of the Convent of Jesus and Mary. Bucha earned her bachelor’s degree in political science from King’s College London.

Bucha began her career as a product development assistant before becoming the editor of GEO News’ first English-language bulletin. Bucha presented and edited the channel’s English-language show, News Day. Before transitioning to the new show, Laikin, Bucha, presented and served as executive director for the current affairs broadcast Crisis Cell. Bucha writes about national politics and international relationships, as well as issues in South Asia and the Middle East, and American engagement in the territory.

Sana Bucha is content with her marriage to Khurram Qadeer Baig. They have a solid understanding and are having an enjoyable time.

Sana Bucha, a well-known journalist and anchor on a private TV channel, questioned former captain Shahid Afridi regarding his PSL trip, to which Shahid Afridi responded with a question that the host couldn’t answer. During the broadcast, Sana Bucha reportedly asked Afridi why he swaps teams every edition of the PSL. What were the issues that caused the team to shift so swiftly with all-rounders?

Shahid Afridi, in his customary fashion, responded by asking a question from Turkey to Turkey, leaving Sana Bucha stunned. What are your troubles? Sometimes one channel, sometimes another channel, sometimes a third channel. Could you tell me yours too? ” Shahid Afridi inquired, smiling.

After the host failed to react to Afridi’s query, she began to smile. Social media users dubbed the former national team captain’s reaction a classic insult to Sana Bucha. A user named Naveed claimed that “Afridi was giggling during the inquiry when Sana would be silent and when he would teach her a lesson.”

A commenter named Rao remarked that “They chose the inappropriate individual for the interview because Afridi is well known for his spontaneous outbursts.”

“The reason is that they assigned journalists to panels based on their merits, not their credentials,” Salman Saeed Lodhi explained, “so it is common to encounter such a situation.”

“This is Afridi’s devastating six,” another person slammed him.

“This is the image of a brave man,” a user named Dani said. “Bibi realized that only the player could comprehend the sting of the words, but Lala’s current state of mind pushed her right into her own hole.”

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