Beautiful pictures from the engagement of Ali Gul Pir to Azeemah Nakhoda. 

Huge congrats to Ali Gul Pir on his engagement to Azeemah Nakhoda yesterday, and for choosing R World Photography to preserve these priceless moments of affection and passion, while Alavi Designs offered the magnificent decor.

In a small ceremony last night, Ali Gul Pir, a well-known comedian, and singer, proposed to Azeemah Nakhoda in a small ceremony. His intimate friends and family members were present during the engagement ceremony. Ali Gul Pir is well known in the media for his amusing spoof videos. Nomi Gul Pir dresses Nomi Ansari in a stunning shawl. Several more celebrities wished the newly engaged couple well.

Ali Gul Pir is a Pakistani rapper, stand-up comedian, and television and voice artist. On February 14, 1986, Ali Gul Pir was born. Ali Gul Pir was born into a Dadu District aristocratic landlord family. Hammad Khatri was one of Ali’s favorite artists. Hammad Khatri is the first hearing-impaired YouTuber in Pakistan. Ali Gul Pir rose to prominence with his first hit, “Waderai Ka Beta,” a comedic song about Pakistan’s ruling leaders and the culture that surrounds them.

Ali Gul Pir started his professional life as a stand-up comedian before transitioning to singing. Waderai Ka Beta, his sociopolitical breakthrough track, was well-received, receiving half a million views on YouTube within a week of its release in June 2012. On March 12, 2013, Ali Gul Pir was shortlisted for the 1st Hum Awards in the genre of Best Newcomer in Music.

Ali Gul Pir has sung the following songs: Waderai Ka Beta, Saeen To Saeen, Taroo Maroo, VIP, Kholo BC, Justice, Kaisa Diya, and Kerlay Jo Kerna Hai. 

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