Fast Bowler, Mohammad Amir, with his wife and daughters, at an event. 

Mohammad Amir is a Pakistani spin bowler who competed for the national squad from 2009 to 2020. Amir resigned in early December 2020, although it appears that he misses his good ole days, as he stated that he would come back to the national squad very soon.

However, in today’s column, we will see photos of Mohammad Amir, a famous Pakistani pace bowler, attending the wedding of a good friend. Nargis Khatun, his spouse, and their two young daughters. His wife appears to be dressed as a starlet in the viral photos.

Let’s have a look at some photos of Mohammad Amir with his wife and two daughters, and let us know in the comments section which of Mohammad Amir’s photos is your fave and why. We regularly read all your comments, so don’t mind leaving one.

If we discuss Mohammad Amir’s incredible accomplishments, they are many, since he won the majority of the team’s critical matches with his deadly bowling technique. Amir grabbed 260 wickets in 35 test series games, 61 one-day international matches, and 50 Twenty20 matches, but the terrible news for Mohammad Amir enthusiasts in 2010 was that he was imprisoned for three months and banished from cricket for a total of five years for match-fixing in the test series in England.

We would like to stress that Mohammad Amir hails from a small village in Punjab, but because of his work and effort, and sweat, he has earned tremendous success in cricket, as well as a great deal of recognition and a great deal of reputation.

In the year 2016, Mohammad Amir tied the knot with Nargis Khatun, which was the beginning of his married life. He has two children because of his marriage, but fast bowler Mohammad Amir has also acknowledged in interviews that he brings his whole family on cricket tours with his own expenditure since he considers he has achieved a worldwide reputation because of his family, particularly his mother and wife.


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