Shahveer Jafry and Ayesha Baig at the wedding of Momina Sundas.

At the wedding of his cousin Momina Sundas, Shahveer Jafry was joined by his wife, Ayesha Beig. At the wedding of his cousin and friend Momina Sundas Syeda, Shahveer Jafry shared beautiful photos with his bride, Ayesha, and mother. Momina Sundas recently tied the knot; she works as a dentist and also hosts shows on Shahveer Jafry’s YouTube channel. Shahveer Jafery’s shows and vlogs gained popularity after they appeared on Shahveer Jafery’s shows.

Shahveer Jafry stated, “It doesn’t matter where I am with Sundas, I have to laugh at random nonsense. Shaadi Mubarak, My lovely cousin, who is also one of my closest friends, has married. I can’t wait for you and your spouse to begin your new life together. You are an inspiration. Paats, I adore you!”

Shahveer Jafry is regarded as one of Pakistan’s most talented YouTubers and content creators. When the boy was residing in Canada, he began posting clips on YouTube. He had no clue that his content would be so popular when he first uploaded a video to his YouTube page. People simply appreciated its substance, so he continued to upload films on a daily basis. In the meantime, it became an overnight sensation in a very short time.

Shahveer Jafry was 26 years old at the time. And on December 13, 2021, this lad married Ayesha Baig, and announced the joyous news to his fans during the lockdown. Shahveer’s younger brother, Sunny Jafry, married Mariam Asim just a few days before Shahveer’s wedding. Sunny Jafry’s wedding is still the center of interest on social media.

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