Beautiful actress Moomal Khalid shared her pictures with her fans after a long time. 

Moomal Khalid is one of Pakistan’s most talented actresses. She is a Pakistani showbiz actress who is really innocent. She can play both positive and negative roles, though she prefers to portray positive roles.

On social media, Moomal shared her most recent photos. Moomal Khalid donned a modest red outfit, and she appeared to be the most innocent and young actress in Pakistani showbiz. She has a charming and attractive personality.

Moomal Khalid will be 24 years old in the year 2021, according to her age. She is one of the youngest actresses. At the age of nine, Moomal Khalid began her acting career on Geo TV’s Khudghraz show. She was born in Pakistan’s Hyderabad in 1997. Moomal Khalid began her career in show business with modeling and then transitioned to acting. Khalid Chandio is her father’s name. Her father is employed by Sparco. 

In the year 2017, she married Usman Patel. Momal is now living with her “Happy Life” partner. Following their marriage in 2017, Allah All-Powerful blessed the couple with a wonderful child in 2020. Moomal Khalid and Usman Patel were so happy with their child’s entrance to the world that they kept their child’s photos off the internet for a long time. Fortunately, Moomal Khalid has recently released images of her infant child with her admirers via social media.

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