Rabia Anum beautiful wedding pictures

Rabia Anum is a well-known Pakistani newscaster, anchor, journalist, and host. She was born in Karachi on October 22, 1990. (Sindh, Pakistan). In Karachi, she also ran a saloon. She became well-known as a result of the television news networks Geo News and Ary News. Her news speaking ability is exceptional. Many newscasters try to imitate her manner but fall short.

She communicates in both English and Urdu. Her English accent is very pleasant. People enjoy seeing Rabia Anum deliver the news because of her attractive voice and accent. She also hosts a number of shows and has a sizable fan base. She was also recently invited to appear on Nida Yasir’s Morning Show. In this show, she was going to be a co-host.

She was warned in 2011, when interning for AAJ TV during her summer break at college, that she had a strong English accent and was unsuitable for casting news in Urdu. Despite this, she earned a job at NewsOne and received a call from FYR six months later, where she was hired directly after the audition. He was in geography nine months later. If we consider Rabia Anum’s age in 2021, she will be 30 years old.

Rabia never posts or shares a photo of her daughter on social media. “Mujhe ksi ne kaha tha ke betiya buhet khaas ho ti hai isi lia unhe sanbhal ker rakhna chaye,” Rabia declared. He also stated that he did not want his daughter to appear on television due to the evil eye, but that when he grows up, he will decide whether or not to do so.

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