Nazish Jahangir and Mohsin Abbas Haider looked stunning together for a photoshoot.

Because Nazish Jahangir and Mohsin Abbas Haider are close friends and colleagues in the entertainment industry, Fatima Sohail, Mohsin’s wife, divorced her husband, and Nazish is preparing to be Mohsin Abbas Haider’s second wife.

 But, all of a sudden, they are both having conflicts and making Instagram stories, and they’re back together. Nazish Jahangir is a modest actress in the entertainment industry. Let’s have a look at these amazing photos of Nazish and Mohsin together.

Nazish Jahangir and Mohsin Abbas Haider are two of Pakistan’s most talented entertainers. When Mohsin Abbas Haider’s ex-girlfriend, Fatima Sohail, mentioned their connection in the midst of the domestic violence controversy, it sent shockwaves through social media. Following that, fans saw Mohsin and Nazish together on several occasions.

Nazish Jahangir, a Pakistani performer who was nominated for the Lux Style Grants 2021 for her exquisite performance in Geo Television’s poignant production, Kahin Deep Jale, has recently focused on dramatizations.

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