Newly engaged couple, Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed, at a wedding event.

Hiba Bukhari is back on top of the charts with her new drama, Fatoor, starring Faysal Qureshi, Kiran Haq, and Wahaj Ali. Hiba Bukhari is currently at the pinnacle of her showbiz career, with nearly every drama and film becoming a smashing blockbuster.

Hiba Bukhari is one of Pakistani showbiz’s most talented and youthful entertainers. By the way, her real name is Hiba Qadir. What makes this young performer stand out is that she is uninterested in making many friends while working in show business. She began her career in show business as a supporting actress. In addition, after excelling at her first job, she was soon promoted to leading roles. She’s also the winner of the sixth Murmur Award for Best Entertainer.

Hiba’s father works as a finance manager, while her mother is a certified instructor. She is the youngest in her family and had hoped to persuade her parents to let her pursue a career in show business. She has an older brother and a younger sister.

Arez Ahmed and Hiba Bukhari are the newest couples in town, having declared their romance on their respective Instagram accounts. Hiba Bukhari wrote a poignant statement on Instagram after announcing her engagement to Arez Ahmed. “I still remember how uneasy I felt holding your hand in bholi bano, and today I feel safest in your hands,” she said. “I tried to remain away so I wouldn’t fall for you, but I willingly did. I am not sure who chose who, but I consider myself fortunate to have been chosen for this crazy rollercoaster journey. I am looking forward to spending a lifetime with you. Finally, thank you for holding on to me when I couldn’t hold on to myself. This is to let you know you are MINE in this crazy world! MashaAllah and Shukar Allah.”

Meanwhile, Arez posted the exact photo to his Instagram account, but he went for a more lyrical approach to gushing about Hiba, stating, “Let’s get married.” According to insiders, we expected the couple to tie the knot in the coming weeks.

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