Jaweria Saud Looks More Young And Healthy In Her Latest Photoshoot

Javeria Saud, sometimes known as Javeria Jalil, is a Pakistani actress who married well-known actor Saud in 1972. They have their own film studio. Janat, a daughter, was born in 2007 and Ibrahim, a son, on August 5, 2011. She became well-known. Shurat Hai Yeh Zindagi and Yeh Kaisi Mohabbat Hai are dramas that have acquired prominence.

Salma Zafar, who began her creative career in the Pakistan theatre industry in 1983, has acted in a number of well-known Pakistani productions. However, his fate was transformed by the drama, and his participation in it is still remembered by the public.

Salma Zafar is a well-known figure in Pakistan’s entertainment business. Salma Zafar, on the other hand, has been in the headlines a lot lately. Salma Zafar, the famed actress, went live on Facebook yesterday and made major discoveries about Pakistan’s famous production business JJS.

Salma Zafar has made significant claims against Saud Qasmi and Jawariya Saud, both of whom she co-stars with. Saud Qasmi and Jawariya Saud founded JJS Production House in 2006, according to Salma Zafar. JJS Production House begins with the drama “I adore it,” followed by “Love is Five,” and finally “This Life,” with which Salma Zafar has been associated for six years.

Salma Zafar accused actor Saud and his wife Jawariya Saud of making fun of her in a video message. He worked for Jawariya and Saud’s production firm JJS for a long time, according to him, but he is now not only unhappy and depressed, but also regrets how his production house used him and wrecked him as an artist.

Salma Zafar also claimed in her charges that Saud Qasmi and Jawariya Saud wrecked not just her career but the careers of many other singers.

Salma Zafar, a well-known actress, claims she worked for him for a long time but received nothing from her firm, JJS. Also, according to her, those low-wage employees with wages of $5,000 to $7,000. They used to come and hang out in buses, and now they’re all cursing you, even myself.

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