Hareem Shah new pictures with her husband

Hareem Shah is a social media queen as well as a talented actress who has been in a number of dramas and has also dabbled in modelling. Sheikh Rasheed and Fiaz UI Hasan Chauhan are two Pakistani politicians with whom Hareem Shah maintains strong ties.

Imran Khan also took several photos with Hareem Shah, which went popular on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Hareem married Peoples Party MNA a few months ago, and the two are now filming hilarious videos together. Let’s have a look at some photos of Hareem Shah and her husband.

Hareem Shah, the Tiktok debate queen, has sent shockwaves through her fan following with her most recent risky video. In a video she posted on her Instagram account from Karachi, Shah can be seen unloading a few liquor bottles.

Hareem Shah reveals her husband

Hareem Shah is back in the news with her significant other after sharing some private recordings on her Instagram account and receiving a lot of backlash.

Hareem Shah, another debater’s name, is back with a new argument. The well-known Tiktoker makes a concerted effort to stand out enough to be noticed by employing a variety of tactics. Hareem Shah posted a video on her Instagram account that has gone viral. Busybody can be seen proudly displaying her collection of liquor bottles.

Hareem Shah reveals her husband

Hareem Shah reveals her husband

Hareem Shah is a well-known Pakistani TikTok celebrity. She is 29 years old and is well-known for her popular recordings. She admits to being intense and obtuse, but she refuses to face her flaws. Hareem’s TikTok tracks propelled her to fame for the most part. Her strong style was also recognised by her fans, and she became a household name.

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