Photos of Kanwar Arsalan and Fatima Effendi celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary.

Kanwar Arsalan and Fatima Effendi are celebrating their wedding anniversary. Fatima Effendi married Kanwar Arsalan in November 2012, and they have two sons together. They went to the seashore in Karachi to celebrate their anniversary.

According to Kanwar Arsalan, “You are the part of me and I shall never be complete without you!!! I love you, and life with you keeps getting better and better. Congratulations on our wedding anniversary!”

“9 years down,” Fatima Effendi wrote. ” Insha’Allah, there are 99 years left. Happy Anniversary, love! Arsalan Kanwar 29-Nov-2012.”

What an enthralling day! Congratulations to the couple on their wedding anniversary! Kanwar Arsalan said, “time sped by so quickly that he didn’t realize it had been that long. 29-Nov-2012: I hope time slows down and we continue to make one another’s life wonderful.”

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