Senior actor Shaan Shahid’s daughters and house.

Shaan Shahid governed the cinema industry for a long time as an actor, writer, and director. He is the father of four daughters: Rane, Behesht-e-Bareen, Shah Bano, and Fatima Shahid. In a snapshot released on Twitter, we see the actor holding one of his daughters and staring at her with sensitive and caring eyes. In the photo’s caption, Shaan said, “The most precious relationship is between a father and a daughter.” He wrote, “Daughters are a special gift from God. Daughters build a home in their hearts and dwell there for the rest of their lives.” Shaan also prayed for all the world’s daughters.

Recently, Shaan Shahid, a leading actor in Pakistan’s entertainment business, has asked the government to convert Queen Tarun Noor Jehan’s home into a museum. The government recently announced a Rs 5 crore budget for the repair of historical sites in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Other Bollywood actors, such as Shah Rukh Khan and Vinod Khanna, have ancestral residences in Peshawar, besides Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar.

In response to the announcement, actress Shaan Shahid wrote on Twitter, “Unfortunately, Madam Noor Jehan’s house has become a plaza, and our icons also deserve it.”

Actor Vasay Chaudhry retweeted Shaan’s tweet and wrote, “Madam Noor Jehan voluntarily sold the house, but her other house is in an uncommon situation.” Shaan Shahid responded by claiming that the government should have purchased the property and converted it into a museum. 

The Pakistani government has awarded Shaan the highest civilian decorations, the Star of Distinction and the Medal of Distinction, as well as the Lifetime Achievement Awards in 1987 and 2002.


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