Sadia Imam Beautiful pics with her husband and daughter

Sadia Imam has worked in the theatrical profession for almost two decades. She is also a television actress, model, and television host. Sadia Imam has appeared in a variety of commercials, dramas, and music videos. Most people are unaware that she is the sister of Aliya Imam, an actress, and comedian.

Sadia Imam was born in 1979 and is now 41 years old, yet she still appears as gorgeous as she did when she was younger, with her beauty and talent background.

By the way, every female desire to be attractive.

Sadia Imam was nominated for the Lux Style Awards for Best TV Actress and won the award for Best TV Actress.

In the lucky year of 2012, Sadia Imam began her married life by marrying Adnan Haider. Her husband is also well-known, as he is a professional chef in my line of work. Sadia Imam and her spouse Adnan Haider now have a beautiful daughter as a result of their marriage.

Sadia Imam has modelled for a slew of well-known brands since she is a true beauty, and brands can’t pass up the chance to work with her.

Sadia’s mother is no longer in the drama profession, and she now usually appears as a guest on morning shows. But she never ceases to astonish her with her beauty, ability, and abilities. So, let’s have a look at Sadia Imam’s photos with her husband and daughter.


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