Famous News Anchor Sana Mirza Wedding Photos

Sana Mirza, the country’s most prominent and best-known news caster, married as well. Sana Mirza’s followers shared their best wishes for her and congratulated her on beginning on a new path in life after her wedding images went viral on social media.

A significant number of well-known people, as well as fellow anchors and journalists from different TV networks, attended Sana Mirza’s wedding.

Sana Mirza, a well-known anchor woman on private television, has also married. A few photos from her wedding have leaked and are gaining popularity on social media.

Sana Mirza, who began her career as a newscaster for Geo News, is currently hosting programmes for 92 News, according to information. Sana Mirza, a veteran journalist, is the daughter of Yousuf Baig Mirza, a former head of PTV and a well-known figure in the industry. Sana Mirza’s wedding ceremony took place in Islamabad on Friday, with people from several sectors, including media, in attendance.

Female anchors Asma Chaudhry, Sadia Afzal, and Sarwat William have uploaded images of their attendance at Sana Mirza’s wedding on social media, which have been positively appreciated by fans. Rehman Azhar and Asma Shirazi, two more journalists, can also be seen in the images.

Rabia Anam, the host of Geo News, and newscaster Ayesha Khalid recently married. After her marriage, Ayesha Khalid has retired from journalism, while Rabia Anam continues to host her show ‘But.’

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