Faisal Qureshi daughter Hanish Qureshi beautiful pictures

The birthday images of Faisal Qureshi, a well-known Pakistani actor and morning show host, went popular on social media. Hanish Qureshi, like her mother, is adorably adorable.

Faisal Qureshi, the chocolate hero of Pakistani operas and host of Morning Show, married for the first time at the age of 18 but divorced after three years, according to facts. His first wife gave him a daughter, Hanish, who still lives with Faisal Qureshi.

The second marriage took place when she was 24 years old, but it did not continue long and ended in divorce. The son of the second wife lives with his mother.

Hanish Qureshi, Faisal Qureshi’s eldest daughter, recently celebrated her birthday with her friends and then uploaded the images on her Instagram account, which has received a lot of attention.

Faisal Qureshi, a well-known actor, claims that love only comes once in a lifetime and that everything else is the same.

“I did not spend much of my childhood but now I am enjoying my youth in a positive way since during that time my father Brain Hemorrhage,” Faisal Qureshi remarked on Samina Pirzada’s show “Rewind with Samina Pirzada.”

He was hospitalised for three months before succumbing to his illness. Due to his condition, everything was sold out, and he ran into a slew of troubles. I was struggling alone at the time.

The actor also stated that at this period, he began working but was unable to cope due to the failure of his films and the loss of his father; I have been dealing with all of these events for the past eight years, and these eight years have been the most difficult of his life.

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