Bilal Abbas khan and Sajal Ali mesmerizing photoshoot

In the drama serial Rangreza, Jal Ali and Bilal Abbas made their first appearance together. This on-screen combination was a huge hit. Everyone adored them because of their on-screen chemistry. Despite the fact that everyone wished to work together, Sujal and Bilal later worked individually on various projects.

Fiza and Nabil, well-known film producers and directors, have brought the most famous combo Sajjal and Bilal back together, this time on the big screen. In the newly released film Khel Khel, Sajjal Ali and Bilal Abbas starred together. Fans rejoiced at the sight of Sajjal and Bilal together.

Sajjal and Bilal appeared together at a number of promotional events. The film was recently released and has received a positive reception from the public. Sajjal Ali and Bilal Abbas posed for a magazine cover shoot lately. Everyone was taken aback by Sujal and Bilal’s furious shoot. Let’s take a look at some of the images:

When asked about his practise of using his phone while shooting on the set of his co-star Sajjal Ali, leading Pakistani actor Bilal Abbas replied that Sajjal makes the most of his phone calls to Ahad Raza Mir.

In a private TV show, Ali accompanied me. During the show, the host asked Bilal Abbas about Sajjal Ali, specifically who he phones and messages the most when on set. In response to this question, Bilal Abbas stated that Sajjal’s calls, video calls, and messages are all for Ahad Raza Meer alone.

He expressed his satisfaction by stating that he was working with some of Pakistan’s top filmmakers. Bilal Abbas has done some investigation into the 1971 incidents. He claims that he is never content with his persona, and that he also scrutinises his famous characters extremely closely, therefore he never achieves satisfaction


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