Aysha Umer is in Africa for vacations

Ayesha Omar, an actress, has stated that she is terrified of people’s intentions rather than animals.

According to media sources, Ayesha Omar is currently in Tanzania, where she can be seen surrounded by turtles in a photo she shared. Many people have condemned the actress for being surrounded by turtles in their comments, to which Ayesha responded that she is terrified of humans and their motives, not of animals.

The actress prefers to be in the woods. She was spotted in the sea in a video she shared on social media a few days ago. She was also surrounded by turtles, whom she was feeding with her hands. The actresses are shown in the video not just being terrified of turtles, but also adoring and feeding them.

The video of Ayesha Omar, Pakistan’s famous and gorgeous actress, feeding turtles went viral on social media.

Ayesha Omar, a well-known Pakistani actress, is active on social media and periodically posts about her activities on Instagram and Twitter.

The lovely actress is currently in Tanzania, a country in Africa. On Instagram, she posted a video. Everyone is curious as to what the famous actress is doing in the water after watching the video. The actress is also emphasising the benefits of seafood while feeding the turtles.

Ayesha Omar, a well-known actress, posted a video on Instagram on Saturday in which she can be seen swimming in a pool. Interestingly, while swimming, many turtles are also present in the water with them. In a live show, Ayesha Omar revealed her beauty secret. She captioned her Instagram image with the statement that she was eating lunch with these lovely animals.

I noted that seaweed is a low-calorie food that is also high in vitamins and minerals. Ayesha Omar also thanked the video’s creator in her letter. Ayesha has already shared some of her sunset images on her Instagram account.

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