Actress Ghana Ali welcomes baby girl with husband Umair Gulzar

Ghana Ali, an actress, has given birth to a daughter. Faiza Umair is the name he has given to his daughter. Her Instagram photo with her husband and daughter is quickly becoming viral.

It should be mentioned that she disclosed her pregnancy on social media a few days ago, which was met with backlash from fans because she was only five months old at the time. However, the actress stressed that they were married before he told the media.

Ghana Ali, a well-known actress in the entertainment sector, has given birth to a daughter.

Ghana Ali, a well-known actress in Pakistan’s theatre business, announced the birth of her daughter on the photo and video-sharing app Instagram.

With a happy emoji, the actress has obscured the photo of her daughter. It can be noticed in the photo that the actress’s husband is making love to her on the forehead.

“The minute a child is born, the mother is also born,” Ghana Ali captioned the photo. “The actress penned her daughter’s name, Fajia Umair,” she added.

Our happy moment has finally arrived,” she added, adding that “it is the happiest time for both of us” and that “our daughter is the nicest gift we have ever received.” Ghana Ali’s spouse has been reprimanded by social media users since their marriage, it should be noted.

Ghana Ali has demonstrated the essence of her performance in a number of dramas, including Sun Yara, Kis Din Mein Via Hove Ga Season Four, Not Even a Shadow Wall, Haniya, Chhoti Chhoti Baatin, and Sarab.

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