Ushna Shah beautiful pictures in new look

Actress Ashna Shah is facing backlash after posting images from the set of the soon-to-be-released song on social media. Ashna Shah has been chastised in the past for her flair, daring images and videos, but more recently, people have made offensive remarks on her photos.

Ashna Shah recently revealed images from the set of one of her upcoming songs, ‘Kangana,’ on Instagram, causing some to criticise her aesthetic.

Ashna Shah emphasised that the images were taken during the shoot when she shared them. People were outraged by the actress’ photographs, accusing her of spreading obscenity and criticising her for wearing provocative clothing despite being from a Muslim country.

Some individuals made disrespectful comments and used abusive language towards Ashna Shah’s images, while others claimed that ladies in entertainment love to dress in such western-style clothing.

Some people even said that it is useless to guide such women now, because it has become their habit to wear bold clothes while working in showbiz and such people do not understand the words of the Prime Minister, so how can the common people speak? Will you understand.

Some even suggested that guiding such women is pointless now, because it has become their habit to wear bright clothing while working in showbiz, and such people don’t grasp the Prime Minister’s remarks, so how can ordinary people speak? Will you be able to comprehend?

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