Maria B celebrating her Daughter’s 17th Birthday Party

Maria B had married a man who was many years her senior at a young age many years previously. However, due to their large age gap and lack of understanding, the couple split up; her son is from Maria B.’s second marriage. Her first husband, Tahir, is the father of her daughter Fatima B, whom she married in a private ceremony in December 2013.

Maria B is a well-known Pakistani fashion designer. Maria Butt is her true name. Maria B was the winner of an international fashion design competition conducted in Belgium in 1997.

Her boutiques are located in well-known Pakistani towns like as Lahore and Karachi and all over Pakistan. She recently introduced affordable jewelry.

Maria.B has been dubbed Pakistan’s “Coco Chanel” by a fashion publication. She provided innovation and transformation to the fashion business, therefore the parallel is accurate.

Design philosophy anchored in constant development, improvement, and originality are some of the primary characteristics of her fantastic work. She has established herself as one of Pakistan’s most well-known and successful fashion designers, as well as globally.

She is well-liked in the sector, where she has a large number of clientele. She is the one who is unwavering in her commitment to providing the greatest service to her customers.

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