Beautiful pictures of Tiktiker Jannat Mirza

Reactions on social media as Jannat Mirza has surpassed 16 million followers on TikTok, a video-sharing app. She is the first individual in Pakistan to get 16 million followers on Twitter. She also had over a million Instagram followers, where she shared her TikTok videos on a regular basis.

Jannat Mirza, who announced her intention to live in Japan in June, bolstered her Baat Pakki with TikToker Umer Butt.

She started her ‘Baat Pakki’ with fellow TikToker Umer Butt a few days later, and then she denied her engagement.

“By Allah’s grace, the ‘baat pakki’ of me and Umar has passed,” the prominent star told a private news outlet. “However, a formal engagement ceremony has not yet taken place.”

“Whenever our engagement ceremony takes place,” she added, “I will share the wonderful news with everyone.”

With a growth in the number of followers on Instagram, her fame grew.

She has amassed two million Instagram followers as a result of her social media policies. She congratulated her two million Instagram followers with a new selfie of herself holding several bags as she celebrated the achievement.


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