Amir Liaqat wife Tooba Amir beautiful pictures

Syeda Toboa Amir, wife of Pakistani actress and model Syeda Toboa Hussain and Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain, has made her first public appearance with her father.

This Eid, she spent time with her father at home. According to sources, she is furious with her husband about the allegations of his third marriage. On Eid, she shared some amazing and exceptional photos.

In the photo, Syeda Tooba Amir is seen with her pet parrot and her father. ‘Our Moscow Sultan (parrot) is trying his hardest to destroy the image of me and my father,’ Syeda Tooba Amir said in the caption of the photo.

The debut of Syeda Tooba Aamir in the drama industry.

“Mashaallah must say after seeing the photo,” he said. Syeda Tobia Aamir is said to have only recently entered the acting business. Her debut play, titled ‘Bhadas,’ was broadcast on a private television station.

For the first time, Syeda Tooba Aamir is photographed with her father. Tobias Tobias and Amir Liaqat The first wedding anniversary of Amir.


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