Kareena Kapoor weight loss after permanency

Kareena revealed everyone how she lost weight after the birth of her son Timur, without resorting to pricey medication, surgery, or dieting to restore her weight. True, reducing weight overnight is impossible, yet Hollywood stars do it all the time. Kareena Kapoor Khan is one of the stars who have successfully shed weight.

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan recently held a live Facebook and Instagram session with famous celebrity nutritionist Rajuta Devakar, during which they revealed Kareena Kapoor Khan’s weight loss techniques.

“In the summer, instead of salads and green juices, Kareena Kapoor uses all natural seasonal foods like mango, jamun, curd, rice, papad, fresh veggies, lemon grass tea, and lemon water,” Rajuta Devakar stated. “At home, your supper is about to be prepared. Taking care of local foods and their amount are important considerations.”

“A proper diet is like an everlasting idea; it’s not something you crave,” Rajuta Devakar explained. “Eat at home, chew your snacks carefully so the feeling of fullness lasts longer.” They continued to take ghee before, throughout, and after pregnancy, and they claim it is not only good for the baby’s health but also helps with weight loss.

Kareena Kapoor also stated that she did not want to lose weight quickly and that it took her a year to return to her usual weight. She also stated that she adhered to the weight-loss programme. It is preferable; if it is not, weight loss will be impossible. Kareena Kapoor believes that eating on time is better and that she is a big opponent of junk food. Kareena believes that the food she eats is healthy. Obesity can be overcome by limiting one’s intake, eating on time, and avoiding junk food.

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