Sunny Jaffery is now engaged to Mariyam Asim

Shahveer Jafra began his married life in 2020, and now Sunny Jafry, Shahveer’s younger brother, is engaged to Mariyam Asim. Both Shahveer Jafri and Sunny Jafry are well-known YouTubers. Shahveer Jafry launched his YouTube account in 2016 while Sunny Jafry launched his in 2017.

Sunny Jafry is a well-known YouTuber with a lot of talent. His brother was primarily responsible for his celebrity. Sunny Jafry has a good-looking appearance.

Sunny Jafry’s YouTube account features vlogs, which are short, hilarious videos. Mariyam Asim, who is also a designer, is the woman she married.

She is also a talented and attractive young lady. She is quite attractive. Sunny Jafry was born in Pakistan, although he grew up in Canada and married there.

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