Faisal Qureshi Beautiful daughter Hanish Qureshi

Actor who is versatile and gifted. Faisal Qureshi is regarded as one of Pakistan’s top actors, who, in addition to portraying serious and comedic roles, possesses exceptional talents in all types of appearances, allowing him to carve himself a unique niche in the profession. However, Faisal’s married life has been marred by numerous disappointments. Faisal is currently married to his third bride, after two disastrous marriages.

When it comes to his unsuccessful marriages, Faisal Qureshi thinks that quitting the relationship is difficult. Even so, man requires time to heal. The same thing happened to me; if certain pathways do not go to the desired destination, it is important to detour from them.

Faisal claims that his first marriage occurred when he was around 18 years old, and that it was a mistake that he later realised. Do not rush into marriage; instead, concentrate on your profession and career, as the more successful your career, the more successful your married life will be.

Faisal’s daughter, Ayat, has lately given birth to a boy. Faisal explains that despite his busy schedule, he strives not to disregard the verse and instead gives her as much attention as possible so that she does not feel deprived. According to Faisal, paying attention to youngsters and improving their education and training is critical. All of this will help them in the hereafter.

Faisal Qureshi says the first love may have happened to a teacher in school like everyone else, but it cannot be considered love, while the actor adds the second love appears to be the reason he has been happy and satisfied with his life for the past ten years.

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