Hareem finally disclose her husband name

Hareem Shah is a brilliant and well-known Pakistani Tiktok star. Because of Tiktok, she gets well-known in Pakistan. Sundal Khatar, her best friend, and she make lip-sync videos on Tiktok. Hareem Shah was born in Peshawar in 1992. (Pakistan).

Hareem Shah has previously shown her financial status as single, but she has since revealed that she is married to a Pakistan People Party member. In 2018, she debuted in the TikTok industry. Tiktok did not bring her fame alone. Her scandals helped her get a lot of notoriety.

Hareem also said that she couldn’t post a photo of her husband on social media until his first wife agreed. Hareem Shah, her husband’s official name on Instagram, recently disclosed his identity. Hareem shared a selfie of herself and her spouse with the words “My Life

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