Fiza Ali tictoker with her husband

Fiza Ali is Fiza Muneeb’s true name. He was born in Karachi on April 24, 1990. They’re also Muslims. She will be 30 years old in 2021. When it comes to their work, they have a large following on Instagram and Facebook. Fiza Naib is a married woman with two children. And he quickly rose to prominence as a result of his Tik Tok comedy videos.

Her husband and she collaborate on art videos. His admirers adored him. You enjoy their video, right? Muhammad Ali is his father’s name, and he was born in Karachi. They are still based in Karachi. He lives in Karachi with his wife Muneeb. So they fell in love on one of their meetups. Muneeb then improved the climate, and they married soon after. And we’re always cheerful.

Muneeb Ayub is a Pakistani social media sensation who rose to fame thanks to the TikTok lip-syncing app. Muneeb Ayub is one of TikTok’s most well-known stars in Pakistan, with over 174,691K followers. Muneeb Ayub is well-known not only on the lip-syncing app, but also on the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

Anayeli Ayub’s TikTok username is @ aneebanay1. Muneeb Ayub has been involved in a number of advertisements as a result of the development of social media. Muneeb Ayub is a Pakistani actor who was born in. Muneeb Ayub’s years begin in 2021. Find out more about Muneeb Ayub in the sections below.

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