Hania Amir new bridal look

Hania Amir is the most famous and talented actress in Pakistan. She presented herself in the showbiz industry in 2015. Hania Amir was born on 12 Feb 1997 in Rawalpindi (Punjab, Pakistan). The first film of Hania Amir was Janaan and she plays the role of Palwasha in this film.

She got a lot of fame from a movie named Na Maloom Afraad 2 and she played the role of Pari in it. Hania Amir also did many tv seires and dramas in the Pakistan drama industry. Her first television drama series was Titli and she plays the role of Naila in this drama.

Later, the actress worked for famous commercial brands, drama, and film projects. Some of his famous plays include “Titli”, “Visaal” “Ishqiya”, and also some of the highest – grossing films “Na Maloom Afraad 2” and “Parwaaz hai Junoon”.

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