Sohail Asghar passed away at the age of 65 in Lahore

Senior actor and vocalist Sohail Asghar passed away at the age of 65 on the afternoon of November 13 after a long illness.

Sohail Asghar had been suffering from various stomach ailments for a year and a half and was also undergoing treatment in hospitals from time to time, but on November 13, he lost his fans forever.

سہیل اصغر 13 نومبر کی دوپہر کو انتقال کر گئے—فائل فوٹو: فیس بک

The actor’s widow briefly told Dawn News that Sohail Asghar’s funeral prayers will be offered on November 14.

According to the actor’s widow, Sohail Asghar had a bowel operation a year and a half ago and the actor had also informed the fans about this through a social media post in May 2020.

سہیل اصغر لاہور میں پیدا ہوئے، بعد ازاں کراچی منتقل ہوئے—فائل فوٹو: فیس بک

سہیل اصغر چند سال قبل تک ڈراموں میں اداکاری کرتی دکھائی دیے—فائل فوٹو: فیس بک

Pakistan Television (PTV) also reported that Sohail Asghar left the fans on the afternoon of November 13.

Sohail Asghar is considered as one of the most successful and successful actors of Pakistan. He also won many awards for his outstanding performance

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