Aima Baig And Shahbaz Shigri new bridal photoshoot

Mina Kashif is a high-end luxury bridal wear company that pays homage to Pakistan’s rich cultural legacy of superb craftsmanship and flawlessly polished embroidery abilities. Its lavish designs are the ideal blend of Pakistani decadence and modern grandeur.

Aima Baig

The label is noted for its seamless fusion of ethnic and contemporary designs that embody tradition and femininity beyond extravagant aesthetics and dazzling embellishments.

Mina Kashif strives to provide luxury in order for the earth and its people to have lovely tomorrows. They create works that have a long-term impact on the world and can transcend people, places, and events.

Aima Baig voice is also liked in neighboring country India as much as its like in Pakistan. In an interview, she revealed that she is so inspired bt Lata Mangesheker and also followed her in her practice.

Mina Kashif’s bridal collection, Khat-e-Ishq, was recently launched. Our industry’s IT duo, Aima Baig and Shahbaz Shigri, were highlighted in the collection. Mina Kashif’s artistry made Aima Baig seem very gorgeous. Shahbaz Shigri was equally stunning. When asked about their marriage date they said they are planning soon to get merry.

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