‘Inspector, Saba Qamar is suffering from an unidentified illness.

Our beloved Pakistani princess, actress Saba Qamar, has been ill, and this news makes us very sorry.

The actress posted a photo to her Instagram account in which she can be seen lying down with a blanket on her lap and a drip over her hand. Saba’s ill health is yet to be determined, however she has indicated in an update that she despises being unwell.

Saba Qamar applies her OWN censor on a romantic picture

Saba Qamar will be seen in the next film ‘Serial Killer,’ which looks quite interesting. Fahad Nur directs the project, which was authored by Umera Ahmed. Saba will play ‘Sarah,’ a police officer, and fans are anxiously anticipating her most dazzling showbiz personality to once again dazzle the people with her on-point character portrayal.

'Inspector' Saba Qamar affected by an unknown ailment

Saba Qamar, a Pakistani artist and tv personality, may not be considered a young actresses because she is 37 years old, but the way Saba has preserved her amazing beauty, well, the term “age is just a number” applies rather well here. The actress is noted for taking on some of the most difficult parts in Pakistani entertainment and excelling at them with astounding skill.

All the fans prayed for her and wish her get well soon messages on her Instagram account and othr social media accounts as she has a bif fan following across the globe.

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