Saleem Sheikh with her beautiful daughters

Saleem Sheik and Nausheen are the best Partners in the Showbiz Industry they are both Currently Fully Concerned for their Children for working Safeena is the senior little girl of Saleem. He has just 3 little girls and They are not Interesting to work in Dramas Industry.

He is just 54 years of age Businessman also High Appreciate entertainer his Elder Brother Javed Sheik has more Vast Viral involvement with Showbiz Industry how about we really look at some magnificent Pictures of Saleem Sheik and Safeena with family.

Saleem Sheik was brought into the world in 1965 in Lahore. She is the more young kin of esteemed film performer Javed Sheik and kin of Behrooz Sabzwari.

He started his job with Shoaib Mansoor’s vain behaviors Brilliant Day. Also, remembering that working in different TV serials, he exhibited his courage. In 1999, he married Noshin, with whom he as of now has three young ladies, Nashmia, Selena and Animata.

Saleem Sheik is a prestigious Pakistani TV and film performer. He is the more energetic kin of fantastic Javed Sheik and made his TV debut as a young person star and subsequently transformed into a steady piece of our industry. Saleem Sheik got hitched to Nausheen Sheik in 1999. They are devouring a lively married time on earth together and they are watchmen of three shocking grown-up youngsters.

Pakistani model and film star Saleem Sheik in the year 2021, then, he has turned 54 years old. Additionally, he started his married life in 1996 by wedding Nousheen Sheik.

Additionally, several years after the marriage, by the artfulness of God, Saleem and Nousheen have transformed into the gatekeepers of three young ladies.

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