Pictures of Syed Gibran with his wife Afifa

Syed Jirban, a well-known showbiz personality who is now trending, has stated that his wife Iffa looks prettier than models and actresses, and that he will not allow his wife to participate in the industry. Syed Jibran and Hania Amir recently starred in the drama Dilruba.

In Ranjha Ranjha, he also plays a fantastic role alongside Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf, and at the age of 42, he becomes the most handsome Supportive Role. Check out some of Syed Jibran and Iffifa’s amazing photos below.

Jibran and his family travelled to Pakistan to learn more about the country’s achievements. They are currently in Dubai and have an adequate opportunity. Afifa is a selfie queen who enjoys capturing moments in her camera. Jibran is an innocent family man who invests precious time with his wonderful wife and children, in addition to being a tremendous performer.

Syed Jibran’s acting in these television serials earned him a lot of praise. Syed Jibran’s successful television serials include Geo television’s ‘Bholi Bano,’ ‘Tum Ho Ke Chup,’ and ‘Bojh,’ ARY Computerized’s ‘Khuda Mera Bhi Hai,’ ‘Khoat,’ and ‘Shukk,’ Murmur television’s ‘Muhabbat Stomach muscle Nahi Hugi,’ Qaid-e-Tanhai,

Syed Jibran is regarded as one of Pakistan’s most prominent performers. Because of his smokey acting, he has captivated the hearts of many people. By contacting, you may not realise that Syed Jibran is a “proficient designer.”


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