Rubina Ashraf with her daughter

Rubina Ashraf The Senior Actress who began her transporter from PTV and Now She playing the Mother Role in Different Dramas and She has arrived at the age of 61 yet, She looks fit and youthful and Rubina Also acquaint her Daughter with Drama Industry lets really look at some charming Pictures of Rubina with her Daughter.

Rubina Ashraf is known as a veteran performer in the Pakistani media industry, she has accepted a couple of parts in various Pakistani sensations. Actually Rubina Ashraf was at the morning show of a private TV space with her magnificent young lady.

Rubina Ashraf not really set in stone to have Coronavirus and had detached herself to stay safe and watchman others as well.

Regardless, news started getting out that the veteran star was in essential condition and has been moved to the ICU. Besides, as for each situation once the word started getting, two or three misdirections similarly started surfacing attesting Ashraf to be in more terrible condition than she is.


Rubina Ashraf is a veteran performer, boss, and producer in Pakistan’s news source. She has worked in various notable shows most of which were imparted on Public TV PTV. She has been toward the way for a really long time as of now. Her most recent bearing was the show consecutive Ruswai.

Rubina Ashraf has been working in the Pakistani performance industry for close to thirty years. Likewise, straight up until right now she looks very young and fit. If we talk about her age around then, at that point, she is 61 years old. Besides, people are amazingly pushed to see it. What’s more, remembering that Rubina Ashraf is the dearest friend of amazing performer Bushra Ansari.

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