Veena Malik with her kids

Veena Malik sealed the deal with Asad Bashir Khan Khattak in 2013. Shockingly, things didn’t keep going long. In the wake of remaining together for a very long time, the two headed out in a different direction. Presently, the entertainer, host, and previous model is going through a fight in court for the authority of her two children.

However, people in general is hauling her down after Khattak released her asserted voiceclip during a call with him.In the sound ,Veena Malik can be heard disparaging her better half, and undermining him.

The ‘Very Model’ entertainer said:What would you say you are attempting to say about the Dubai court? Isn’t your mom and your 4 sisters living here? Pause and watch how I deal with them.

She further added that she isn’t Khattak’s significant other and that it has been quite a while since their separation. Sharing her brief snippet, Khattak took to his Twitter account and said he had recently start to expose what the genuine Veena Malik resembles.


In another tweet, Khattak uncovered he was exposed to mental torment and maligning by the Pakistani entertainer. He additionally added that he has not seen his children since the separation, and reserved the privilege to take legitimate action.

Due to the fairly profane and foul language utilized in the sound bite, we will not be sharing it. Khattak has referenced that it was fairly surprising to hear his ex utilize unequivocal words against him during a phonecall.

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