Mehvish Hayat is not working in dramas anymore

I choose the character with more forethought than ever before, Mahesh Hayat.

Famous actress Mahesh Hayat says that most of the characters in dramas are the same and that is why I am away from dramas.

ڈراموں میں کردار کا انتخاب پہلے سے زیادہ سوچ سمجھ کر کرتی ہوں، مہوش حیات۔ فوٹو : فائل

In an interview, renowned Pakistani actress Mahesh Hayat said that she has been away from the TV screen for a long time because most of the characters in the dramas are the same. No such project was found after.

Mahesh Hayat said that now I choose the role in dramas with more forethought than before while the corona virus has given us a good opportunity to assess the success of Pakistani cinema.

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