If I win the World Cup, all the players will name the victory after my daughter: Asif Ali

Power hitter Mohammad Asif, who led Pakistan to victory with a brilliant performance, said that if the team wins the World Cup, all the players will name the victory after my daughter. An interview of Muhammad Asif is going viral on social media in which he talked about his two-year-old daughter who died of cancer.

Asif Ali said that every human being wants his children to live a better life but Allah had written this in the destiny of my daughter which I am happy about.

“I have been running for over a year, during which time I also played cricket, played PSL, toured for Pakistan, during which time my daughter also fell ill but I had the full support of my family, including my wife,” said the cricketer. The brothers also supported me wholeheartedly.

Talking about his daughter’s illness, Asif Ali said that during his daughter’s illness, we changed 20 to 25 doctors. My daughter’s eyes were invisible.

He said that every parent wants their children to be happy, the daughter did not sleep many nights due to the pain, so he prayed to God to remove the pain of the daughter or call her to him.

Asif Ali said that he has requested all the players that if Pakistan wins the World Cup this time, then everyone will name this victory after my daughter. All the players agreed that Winning will be in your daughter’s name.

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