Sonia Hussain is not feeling well

The most popular actress of Pakistan showbiz industry Sonia Hussain became unwell which she reported through social media. Sonia Hussain shared a special story about her health on photo and video sharing app Instagram.

The actress shared a photo of her hand in her Instagram story in which it can be seen that there is a drip on her hand. Looking at the photo, it is clear that Sonia Hussain is not well and she is in hospital. Sonia Hussain In the caption of the photo, he wrote, ‘Please! Keep yourself hydrated. ‘

From the caption of the actress, it can be guessed that she has contracted a disease due to lack of water. In addition, Sonia Hussain also shared a screenshot of the WhatsApp chat with her mother in her Instagram story.

In the screenshot, it can be seen that Sonia Hussain’s mother is inquiring about her well-being and telling her about food. On the other hand, news of Sonia Hussain’s health has spread rapidly on various social media platforms where consumers Prayers are being offered for his speedy recovery.

The actress said, “I am thankful to Allah Almighty that He kept me alive even in this difficult time of Corona virus, gave me health and fitness and above all blessed me with the blessing of a lovely niece.” “My doll, my princess, you are my best blessing of 2020,” he said.

Why did 2020 prove to be the best for Sonia Hussain?

Sonia Hussain added, “I love you, of course daughters are a blessing and I am very happy to have you in my life.” A daughter was born.

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Sharing is caring!