Shah Rukh is happy pictures due to his son bail

The photo came to light with a team of lawyers after Shah Rukh Khan’s Bollywood son was granted bail. The Bombay Supreme Court has acquitted three defendants, including Arian, in a case. Aryan is likely to be released from Mumbai Central Prison within the next day or two after bail is issued.

According to Indian media reports, Matt Shah Rukh Khan’s team of crescent lawyers intervened after handing Aryan the bell. Photos from the meeting have been published by Indian media and they show that Shah Rukh Khan looks very happy.

Photos of Shah Rukh Khan’s meeting with the legal team have gone viral on social media. The Bureau of Narcotics Control (NCB) attacked a cruise ship off the coast of Mumbai on October 2 and arrested Aryan Khan and others for very serious offences.

Arian Khan and 18 others have been jailed since October 8, but were released on bail today. According to Indian media reports, Aryan and others are likely to be released on Friday or Saturday after the verdict.

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