Who is Neha Rajput and who does she want to marry? Come and find out the secret

What is cooking between model Neha Rajput and Shahbaz Taseer? The two have been seen together, yes young model Neha Rajput has recently been spotted at a wedding with Shahbaz Taseer, son of well-known businessman and former Punjab Governor Salman Taseer, these are the same models Neha is all about.

It is said that well-known designer Maheen Ghani and Salman Taseer were the cause of divorce. Two years ago, well-known fashion designer and psychologist Maheen Ghani took to Twitter.

It was said that the model behind Shahbaz Taseer’s divorce is Neha Rajput, Neha Rajput because her husband cheated on her, Mahin had also blamed Neha in the question and answer session on Instagram and said that the marriage of models The trend of marrying married men is on the rise.

Fortunately, I am now divorced and I hope they live in peace, to which Neha replied that the story should not be taken in one direction. On the news of Maheen and Shahbaz’s divorce, the people Had expressed anger,

But the news was not confirmed or denied during this time but now seeing Neha with Shahbaz, there is a stir once again about what is going on between the two. Shahbaz and Maheen were married in 2010.

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