N League MPA Sania Ashiq beautiful pictures

Who doesn’t know Sania Ashiq, the famous woman and youngest leader of Pakistan Muslim League? Whether it is PTI or PML-N, they are equally preferred among the supporters of these two parties. In the general elections held on July 25, 2018, where the big towers were overturned, a large number of new faces were elected in the elections, Sania Ashiq is also one of them.

Sania Mirza said that she would try to expand and promote all these projects for the wider public interest, especially the pro-project projects started by PML-N for the female population. Readers Since the beginning of the leaking of videos of public leaders in Pakistan, this series has unveiled many faces and some of the characters have been slandered for no reason.

One such character is Sania Aashiq, about whom a video is circulating on social media in which a woman in the guise of freedom is being told that she is a Sania Aashiq, now what is the reality, this It is too early to say anything.  She was selected on special seats by N League. She is very loyal to Maryam Nawaz and Nawaz Sharif.

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