Anzala Abbasi became the beautiful daughter of Jawariya Abbasi

Anzala Abbasi is wearing a red dress. She looks so cute in a red dress. She will soon look like a bride. She says she will marry someone who will take care of me. Anzala Abbasi who is a young and beautiful actress, her mother is also a famous person, she gained a lot of fame and her daughter who is very beautiful, like her mother, she also has immense potential. Actress Anzala Abbasi has expressed her desire to work with Ahsan Khan. Talking on private TV, Anzala Abbasi said that she was impressed with the performance of actor Ahsan Khan and wanted to work with him. In response to a question, she said that she prefers low quality work. And if offered to work in a standard film

Leading actress and host Jawariya Abbasi has explained that her ex-husband Shimon Abbasi is also her half-brother.

Recently, Jawariya Abbasi participated in a program on a private TV channel and informed the fans about her ex-husband.

The host of the show revealed that Jawariya Abbasi’s mother and Shamoon Abbasi’s father got married to each other, Jawariya was from her mother’s first husband and so was Shimon’s father’s first wife Are

On this occasion, Jawariya Abbasi said that many people are confused whether actress Anusha Abbasi is my sister or Shimon’s but in fact she is our sister because her mother is Jawariya’s mother and father is Shamoon’s father.

It should be noted that Jawariya Abbasi and actor, director and writer Shimon Abbasi are divorced while they have a daughter Anzala Abbasi who is a model and actress.

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