Five Indian Showbiz Stars Who Are Muslims

Religion connects man to the essence of God, basically the child seems to adopt the same religion that his parents are adopting, but when he becomes wise, he has the authority, the intellect, the religion.

And of the world’s understanding, all this is not just for the common man, but also for celebrities who choose their religion according to their own will, no matter what religion their parents adopt. Today we will tell you about some Indian actors who are Muslims but very few people know this.

Ratna Pathak Shah:

Ratna Pathak Shah married Naseeruddin Shah and they changed their religion for marriage. It was a love marriage which raised many questions in India but it never backed down. Ratna says:

“While loving my husband, I fell in love with Islam. Now I try to adopt every principle to the fullest. Islam is not so difficult but a clear religion like water. We have made it difficult. The meaning of jihad is people. They do not know and cannot understand because they do not try to believe. Jihad is another name for love. If one understands, God has made it easy for him. ”

Katrina Kaif:
Katrina is a Muslim by birth and you may not know this about marriage. She says: “My father is a Kashmiri Muslim and my mother is a Christian. We have a temple in our house, but I do not worship or pray.” I read, yes I light the lights in the church, I light the candles, I go there, Islam is a deep religion that not everyone can understand. ”

Alia Bhatt:
Alia Bhatt’s mother belongs to a Gujarati Bohri family who is a Muslim while her father Mahesh belongs to a Hindu family. Alia is a Muslim by birth, but she has never spoken about Islam or prayer, nor has she been seen praying.

Aly Goni:
Aly Goni, who was with Siddharth Shukla in Bigg Boss 13, is also a Muslim. His entire family is Muslim and he hails from Delhi.

Aditi Rao:
Indian actress Aditi Rao is also a Muslim by birth. Aditi says: “My father is a Muslim, my mother is a Buddhist, I am a Muslim but my parents never forced me to choose which religion to adopt, always my father and mother followed their own way.

She said, “I adopt the things that I like about Buddhism and the things that I understand about Islam from here. I don’t care about anyone. Islam is a pacifist religion, that’s all I know.” Understand that God has created everything and He is in charge of our system. I hide because people criticize my dress and religion.

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